Hatter & March - The Waiting One - Part 1

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(Read before watching the video)As you may remember my very first video was of Hatter and Mad March from Syfy's Alice. As proud as I am of it, I've been wanting to do a better one for a while. I've just gotten a new video program for my birthday (Happy Birthday to me) and this video is the first I've made with it. ^_^ Be kind as I am still learning this new program.It may or may not be a bit confusing when you first watch this video so I recommend reading this description first. I've watched many different Hatter/March videos on YouTube. The storyline is usually about March being crazy and ruthless from the very beginning, Hatter betraying March to save himself from the queen, or the guys actually being close but March is killed during a raid against the queen. All of these are great storylines but I wanted to try something different.Video Description (Please read first):It's a normal day of selling emotions at the Teashop when Alice pops in. Hatter offers to help her get home but realizes she doesn't trust him. At the Great Library, Alice begins to understand that even though Hatter is a part of the Resistance, Dodo and the others don't trust him either. All of that mistrust only fuels the guilt Hatter already deals with from his past. Hatter hadn't always been a part of the Resistance. In his younger years, Hatter had a best friend called March. They were always together, goofing off and playing harmless pranks. However, they were both in love with the same blonde woman. As March's personality started turning darker, the blonde chose Hatter over him. Enraged, March killed her and left Hatter behind to grieve as he continued to destroy lives. After a long killing spree, the Queen's Suits capture March and hire him as their assassin. At the same time, Dodo recruits Hatter into the Resistance. Hatter's first mission is to take down the Queen of Heart's new assassin. Hatter does his job but the guilt of killing his former best friend continues to eat away at him. After helping Alice escape Dodo, they return to the Teashop only to find it being ransacked by a suited rabbit. The old connection between friends makes Hatter realized the rabbit's true identity and he runs away with Alice. (Not sure why I used Jensen Ackles as younger March. Probaby because of the menacing grin he can pull off)Color Clips: Present-day HatterB&W Clips: Memories of the pastVideo Clips: Alice, Dark Angel, Primeval (UK), DevourMusic: The Waiting One - All That RemainsEnjoy, comment, fave, subscribe, and check out my other videos!
lemondro # 25 декабря 2012 в 09:11 0
I have a? request!
movielov # 26 декабря 2012 в 05:27 0
Umm...okay.? What's your request? I'll see if it's possible for me to do. (I am still new at this)
lemondro # 26 декабря 2012 в 12:46 0
Could? you do another true bloodthrist vid using the song Only One by Alex Band?
movielov # 31 декабря 2012 в 04:24 0
After I finish Part Two of my Hatter/March video, I'll see what I? can do.
movielov # 7 января 2013 в 21:25 0
Thanks! Wow, I wasn't expecting to have a comment so soon. I'm glad you loved it so much! Keep checking my channel? for Part Two to be up in a week or so. ^_^